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Milk is rich in protein, calcium and Vitamins A and B and it is important to insure an adequate intake of these elements when on an dairy-free diet.

Soya is rich in protein, and other foods of importance in a dairy-free diet are potatoes, vegetable oil and fish. Cod liver oil or fish oils are rich in vitamin A. Calcium is found in sardines, watercress, figs, rhubarb, almonds and other nuts. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a good source and vitamins and minerals (especially important for children for the formation of strong, healthy teeth and bones).

There are a number of other milks that are available that may be substituted for cow's milk when baking or cooking. The type of substitute used will depend on the type of food it is used for.

Rice milk is good for drinking and putting on cereal. It can also be used when baking or as a thickening agent. In some recipes water, broth, or juice can be substituted for the cow's milk.

Sometimes, a milk allergic person can use goat's milk or soy milk. Both of these milks, however, are also very allergenic. In fact, most people allergic to cow's milk are also allergic to goat's milk.

Persons with lactose intolerance should only use milk if treated with Lactase Enzyme liquid and should never use untreated  goat’s milk as it also contains lactose. Lactose is present in all animal's milk. See medical reports’ abstracts.



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Not True!!!

Contrary to what some people suggest, do not take Goats' milk instead of Cow's milk if you are LI.

All milk derived from mammalian animals contain lactose.